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This revised translation of Aristotle's classic treatise contains ten books based on the famous doctrine of the golden mean which advocates taking the middle course between excess and deficiency.
On rhetoric : a theory of civic discourse
Based on careful study of the Greek text and informed by the best modern scholarship, the second edition of this highly acclaimed translation offers the most faithful English version ever published
The ethics of Aristotle : the Nicomachean ethics
A vigorous polemicist as well as a rational philosopher, Aristotle (384 - 322 BCE) has the task in his ethics of demonstrating how men become good and why happiness can, and should, be our goal. The
The Poetics of Aristotle
Incorporating the best modern work on the Poetics , Halliwell's translation is aimed at those who want a reliable version of Aristotle's ideas along with concise and stimulating guidance. A running
The politics and the constitution of Athens
Acknowledgements Introduction Note on the texts Principal events A guide to further reading The Nicomachean Ethics, Book X, Chapter 9 The Politics, Books I-VIII The Constitution of Athens Glossary to