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Populism, Sovereigntism, and the Unlikely Re-Emergence of the Territorial Nation-State
  • Aristotle Kallis
  • Sociology
    Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social…
  • 30 May 2018
In the last three decades, the rise of a populist challenge to the liberal political mainstream exposed how shallow the supposed victory of global liberalism was, even in its heartlands in Europe and
Far-Right “Contagion” or a Failing “Mainstream”? How Dangerous Ideas Cross Borders and Blur Boundaries
The article argues that we are witnessing a lethal “mainstreaming” trend across Europe that involves previously taboo ideas, frames, and practices becoming the new “common sense” for growing sections
The Third Rome, 1922-43: The Making of the Fascist Capital
Rome underwent a spectacular transformation under Fascist rule; a transformation that was visual and topographical but also deeply symbolic. The 'third Rome' that Mussolini envisioned and sought to
Nazi Propaganda and the Second World War
Introduction Propaganda, 'Co-ordination' and 'Centralisation': The Goebbels Network in Search of a Total Empire 'Polyocracy' versus 'Centralisation': The Multiple 'Networks' of NS Propaganda The
Breaking Taboos and ‘Mainstreaming the Extreme’: The Debates on Restricting Islamic Symbols in Contemporary Europe
Ideas can often travel fast and cross boundaries effortlessly. This is as true of positive ideas (e.g. a movement for political change like the one currently being witnessed across the Arab world) as
The Fascism Reader
Introduction: Fascism in Historiography Part 1: Generic Fascism: The Search for Definitions and Explanations 1. Fascism - A 'Generic' Concept? 2. What Produces Fascism? Part 2: Fascist Movements: