Aristotelis Lymberopoulos

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An investigation involving seven boars, active in artificial insemination, and 1,350 multiparous sows was conducted at a private farm and aimed at examining the relationship between sperm quality traits and boar fertility in terms of farrowing rate and litter size. This experiment was done for 6 months. The semen samples were evaluated for subjective sperm(More)
The aim of this experiment was to study the effect of semen extender on sperm chromatin structure and to correlate chromatin integrity with field-fertility of preserved ram semen. Ejaculates of at least 2 × 109 sperm/ml and 70 % progressive motility were collected using an artificial vagina from Chios rams (n = 11, 4–6 years old), split-diluted to 1 × 109(More)
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