Aristotel Tentov

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In this paper, a mathematical method for analysis of synchronous packet-switching interconnection networks with jinite buffering capacity at the output of switching elements is presented. The proposed mathematical method is general in that it analyzed interconnection networks under uniform and nonuniform traflc with blocking. The existing methods for(More)
—In this paper we investigate performances (bandwidth and speed) that could be obtained using basic logic structures for implementing improved Cooley-Tukey algorithm for IFFT/FFT in transmitter/receiver, as well the approach for implementing OFDM processing unit based on optimized ROM implementation. We implemented these techniques for OFDM in Virtex5 and(More)
The Smart grid is the next generation power grid, which consists of a power grid and an information and communication technology system. Communication networks play a critical role in smart grid, as the intelligence of smart grid is built based on information exchange across the power grid. In power transmission segments of smart grid, wired communications(More)
Many closed internal information systems (IS) must not concern much about its security. But, nowadays, mostly due to globalization and dynamic world, business demands integration of several legacy ISs into new one. The new IS must improve its security compared to legacy ISs, because they work in the heterogeneous environment, and need to be opened. Adding(More)
We present security architecture for smart grid that supports privacy-preserving, data aggregation and access control. This architecture consists of two parts. In the first part we propose to use an efficient and privacy-preserving aggregation scheme (EPPA), which aggregates real-time data of consumers by Local Gateway. During aggregation the privacy of(More)
As technology advances, network connection links are gaining higher capacities, and consequently, networking hardware experiences difficulties to timely satisfy such link requests for throughput, bandwidth, speed, and delays. In the given situation, it becomes a necessity to research new ways of augmenting routing performances for achieving respectable(More)
The growing rate of technology improvements has caused dramatic advances in processor performances, causing significant speed-up of processor working frequency and increased amount of instructions which can be processed in parallel. The given development of processor's technology has brought performance improvements in computer systems, but not for all the(More)