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BACKGROUND Regional anesthesia is known to prevent or attenuate the surgical stress response; therefore, inhibiting surgical stress by paravertebral anesthesia might attenuate perioperative factors that enhance tumor growth and spread. The authors hypothesized that breast cancer patients undergoing surgery with paravertebral anesthesia and analgesia(More)
Principals. Lightning is one of the most powerful and spectacular natural phenomena. Lightning strikes to humans are uncommon but can cause devastating injuries. We analyzed lightning-related admissions to our emergency department from January 2000 to December 2010 to review and highlight the main features of lightning-related injuries. Methods. All data(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the epidemiological data, injury pattern, clinical features and mechanisms of severe spinal injuries related to alpine skiing and snowboarding. STUDY DESIGN A six-year review of all adult patients with severe spinal injuries sustained from alpine skiing or snowboarding. SETTING Tertiary trauma centre in Bern, Switzerland. PATIENTS(More)
BACKGROUND A major cause of morbidity and mortality after blunt chest trauma remains undetected injuries. This study evaluates the role of routine computed tomographic (CT) scan. METHODS We studied 93 consecutive patients from January 1999 to July 2000: 73 (76.3%) after motor vehicle crash with crash speed > 10 mph, and 22 (23.7%) after fall from height >(More)
INTRODUCTION Winter sports have evolved from an upper class activity to a mass industry. Especially sledging regained popularity at the start of this century, with more and more winter sports resorts offering sledge runs. This study investigated the rates of sledging injuries over the last 13 years and analysed injury patterns specific for certain age(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate fracture patterns in bicondylar tibial plateau fractures and their impact on treatment strategy. DESIGN Prospective data analysis with documentation of initial injury and treatment strategy, computed tomography scans, conventional x-rays, long-term evaluation of radiographs, and functional assessments. SETTING Level 1 regional(More)
BACKGROUND In Switzerland there are about 150,000 equestrians. Horse related injuries, including head and spinal injuries, are frequently treated at our level I trauma centre. OBJECTIVES To analyse injury patterns, protective factors, and risk factors related to horse riding, and to define groups of safer riders and those at greater risk METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND This study analyses kite surfing related off shore rescue missions in Cape Town, South Africa with the aim of providing more information on the frequency, pattern, and severity of kite surfing related injuries. METHODS The observation period for this study started on October 1, 2003 and ended on May 1, 2004 and included 30 air rescue missions.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with cervical spine injuries are a high-risk group, with the highest reported early mortality rate in spinal trauma. METHODS This cohort study investigated predictors for cervical spine injury in adult (≥ 16 years) major trauma patients using prospectively collected data of the Trauma Audit and Research Network from 1988 to 2009.(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the clinical importance of concomitant injuries in polytraumatized patients with high-grade blunt liver injury. A retrospective single-centre study was performed to investigate the safety of non-operative management of liver injury and the impact of concomitant intra- and extra-abdominal injuries on clinical outcome. (More)