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The Limberg rhombic flap is one of the best techniques for covering a skin defect that is not amenable to straight-line closure. It is a simple, versatile technique that requires only the correct placement of a rhombic donor flap for its execution. An easy method is presented for planning the design of a rhombic flap to take full advantage of all its(More)
The seven best known skin tension lines are presented. The directions they convey are schematically compared with those of the relaxed skin tension lines. Commentaries and discussion by the author are given in order to help the reader arrive at his or her own conclusions on which directions his or her incisions should take so as to obtain the best scarring.
In order to obtain the least scarring following a surgical procedure, it is crucial that the surgeon always consider the direction of the relaxed skin tension lines involved in the procedure and attempt to obtain a scar that follows that direction as much as possible. No other factor (except the region where the surgery is to be performed) is as important(More)