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3 Agenda • Motivation & objective • Contributions & publications • Overview of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) • Design verification test (DVT) outline • High-speed ADC architecture: New result • ADC design verification test (DVT) software • ADC DVT methodology • Production test checklist AE Automated test equipment (ATE) • ADC corner lot study as a(More)
A Monte Carlo simulation is reported for analog integrated circuits and is based on the modification of the failure rate of each component due to interaction effects of the failed components. The Monte Carlo technique is the methodology used to treat such circuits, since they are independent of the number of components and the degree of system complexity.(More)
  • 2011
Since the 1960s, metal-insulator-metal (MIM) tunneling diodes have been used for detecting and mixing electromagnetic waves up to infrared frequencies. To improve the wave coupling efficiency, an antenna is usually integrated with a MIM diode, and this integrated structure is known as a " rectenna " which can rectify incident waves. Although antenna coupled(More)
The nanoparticle technologies consisting of multiple layers of mixtures of activated carbon and ruthenium (IV) oxide for super capacitors are reported. The mono-particulate layer process described here is a modified Langmuir-Blodgett trough. We report the processes for a spray-coated zinc nanopowder electrode used as a counter-electrode forming a galvanic(More)
Flexible electronics is an emerging field with potential applications such as large area flexible displays, thin film solar panels, and smart prosthesis, to name a few. Promising future aside, there are challenges associated with flexible electronics including high deformability requirements, needs for new manufacturing techniques and high performance(More)
Summary form only given. Integrated-circuit devices using the Al-Cu bond pad systems may be subjected to failure mechanisms based on electrolytic corrosion. The migratory copper resistive short (MCRS) failure mode is one example of this mechanism and results in the formation of filamentary or dendritic deposits of copper between adjacent bond pads on the IC(More)
The modeling of dependent failures, specifically Common Cause Failures (CCFs), is one of the most important topics in Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA). Currently, CCFs are treated using parametric modeling, which is based on historical failure events. Instead of utilizing the existing data-driven approach, this paper proposes the concept of physics-based(More)
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