Arindam Sinharay

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— Accessibility and ease of internet, together with availability of relatively inexpensive digital recording and storage devices has created an environment where duplication, unauthenticated use and maldistribution of digital content has become very easy. This also facilitates unauthorized use, misappropriation, misrepresentation. Thus authentication of(More)
In the fragile digital color image watermarking for RGB color image authentication, fragility or sensitivity of the embedded watermark to malicious attacks is an important problem. In this work the current researches propose Bit Plane Index Modulation (BPIM) based fragile watermarking scheme for authenticating RGB color image. To deal with counterfeiting(More)
Double patterning lithography (DPL) has evolved as the most hopeful next generation technology according to ITRS roadmap. The main objective of this technology is to decompose the entire layout and placing the layout on each layer onto two masks with balanced density. This technology basically enables us to place two different features into two different(More)
In this paper, we introduce seven correlated algorithms for reduction of decision making parameters. This reduction framework is heuristic function based. The reduction of soft set decision parameters, those are collectively sufficient and individually necessary for keeping any special characteristic of a given information system. There has been very few(More)
A game is a mechanism to deal with decision making situation involving multiple players. Each of the individual players has his/her objectives that may conflict with each other. The set of players indulge in the game; generally make their decision uundernder condition of uncertainty. Sometimes, this uncertainty in conditions may bear vagueness in(More)
The movement of preplaced cells among a prescribed existing placement to solve a set of worst designed placement related facts - for example, routing problems, timings, integrity of signals and distribution of heat. To solve this design related problems one has to prefer to translate the design. The translation should be as small as possible while retaining(More)
With a given set of points, Voronoi diagram is a technique of partitioning a plane into set of points having the same closest sites. A number of studies are made on the generalization of Voronoi diagram. These studies are mainly conducted on different kind of distance metric. Some studies are also made upon Voronoi diagram of sites those are not necessarily(More)
This paper exposits evolutionary MCDM techniques which integrates Dempster -Shafer Theory (DST) of evidence, quantificational evidence preference from different criteria based on belief function. In this paper, current researchers' proposed method is able to preference rank a no. of alternative projects under uncertainty for project selection based on(More)
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