Arindam Sarkar

6Raj Bahadur Singh
3Mohd Asim Rasheed
2Jayanta Bain
2Sanjay Choubey
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Nowadays different state and central government in India as well as abroad are taking initiative to deliver different kind of services electronically specially using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Intruders or hackers can steal or modify the information communicated between Government and consumer through internet. To implement privacy and(More)
In this paper, a multilayer perceptron guided key generation for encryption/decryption (MLPKG) has been proposed through recursive replacement using mutated character code generation for wireless communication of data/information. Multilayer perceptron transmitting systems at both ends accept an identical input vector, generate an output bit and the network(More)
In this paper GA based light weight faster version of Digital Signature Algorithm (GADSA) in wireless communication has been proposed. Various genetic operators like crossover and mutation are used to optimizing amount of modular multiplication. Roulette Wheel selection mechanism helps to select best chromosome which in turn helps in faster computation and(More)
Dengue is one of the major public health threats in Kolkata. Every year, blood samples with dengue-like illness are referred to us from different medical colleges and hospitals in Kolkata for the detection of dengue infection in them. In 2010, a total of 378 samples were referred to us for that purpose. All the samples were tested for the detection of IgM(More)
In this paper, a cryptanalysis of key exchange method using multilayer perceptron (CKE) has been proposed in wireless communication of data/information. In this proposed CKE technique both sender and receiver uses an identical multilayer perceptrons for synchronization between them. After achieving the full synchronization weights vectors of both the(More)
CONTEXT Postoperative throat complaints such as postoperative sore throat (POST), dysphagia, and hoarseness frequently arises after tracheal intubation and throat packing for patient undergoing general anesthesia. This condition is very disturbing to patient. Avoiding POST is a major priority for these patients because preventing postoperative complications(More)
The anesthesiologist is frequently involved in the task of achieving central venous access either for intraoperative uses or postoperative purposes or Intensive Care Unit care. We are usually aware of the common complications of subclavian approach, such as arterial puncture, bleeding, pneumothorax, misplacement in the ipsilateral internal jugular vein(More)