Arindam Paul

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Software measurement is a key factor in managing, controlling, and improving the software development processes. Software quality is one of the most important factors for assessing the global competitive position of any software company. Thus the quantification of quality parameters and integrating them into quality models is very essential. Software(More)
People have long sought answers to questions online, typically using either anonymous or pseudonymous forums or social network platforms that primarily use real names. Systems that allow anonymous communication afford freedom to explore identity and discuss taboo topics, but can result in negative disinhibited behavior such as cyberbullying. Identifiable(More)
Traditional knowledge base rheostats the livelihood of inhabitants of Tripura. Fishers’ community of the state are precisely innovative and skilful to use traditional knowledge in fish culture and its management. The study attempted at compilation and documentation of indigenous technical knowledge (ITK) related to pond maintenance, fish health management(More)
Data Cleaning is a very important part of the data warehouse management process. It is not a very easy process as many different types of unclean data (bad data, incomplete data, typos, etc) can be present. Also, whether a data is clean or dirty is highly dependent on the nature and source of the raw data. Many attempts have been made to clean the data(More)
Embryonic stem cell (ESC) pluripotency is orchestrated by distinct signaling pathways that are often targeted to maintain ESC self-renewal or their differentiation to other lineages. We showed earlier that inhibition of PKC signaling maintains pluripotency in mouse ESCs. Therefore, in this study, we investigated the importance of protein kinase C signaling(More)
Software quality is the measure of appropriateness of the design of the software and how well it adheres to that design. There are some metrics and measurements to determine the software quality. Software quality measurement is possible only by quantifying the characteristics affecting the software quality. For measuring the quality, the parameters or(More)
GATA transcription factors are implicated in establishing cell fate during mammalian development. In early mammalian embryos, GATA3 is selectively expressed in the extraembryonic trophoblast lineage and regulates gene expression to promote trophoblast fate. However, trophoblast-specific GATA3 function is dispensable for early mammalian development. Here,(More)
Usability is the methodology used to determine the software performance. Usability is basically used to determine the strength and weakness of an application from the end user point of view. Questionnaires have been used to evaluate user interface of different application. This paper is a survey and analysis of the performance of Microsoft office 2003-2007(More)
There is lot of research activity in the area of opinion mining and sentiment analysis, which deals with the computational treatment of opinion, sentiment, and subjectivity in text. Social media websites have become increasingly popular for discussing uncomfortable topics. However, there are limited resources for mining and automatically labeling posts(More)