Arindam Khaled

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The Semantic Web is gaining immense popularity—and with it, the Resource Description Framework (RDF)broadly used to model Semantic Web content. However, access control on RDF stores used for single machines has been seldom discussed in the literature. One significant obstacle to using RDF stores defined for single machines is their scalability.(More)
A limited-memory influence diagram (LIMID) is a generalization of a traditional influence diagram in which the assumptions of regularity and no-forgetting are relaxed. Lauritzen and Nilsson (2001) introduced this model and proposed an iterative algorithm, called single policy updating (SPU), that converges to a locally optimal solution. In this paper, we(More)
Given an edge-labeled, connected, undirected graph G and a bound r>1, the bounded minimum-label spanning tree problem seeks a spanning tree on G whose edges carry the fewest possible labels and in which no label appears more than r times. Two greedy heuristics for the unbounded version of the problem are adapted to the bounded version. Two genetic(More)
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