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parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. Suppliers, customers, and other third-party providers share information and plans in order to maximize the efficiency and competitiveness of the overall supply chain (Ellram and Cooper, 1990). Each organization has a distinctive role to play and seamless transactions and value(More)
Solution related to different types of manpower planning problems arising in different industries and organizations are very much helpful for proper planning and implementation of different objectives. Previously those type of problems are mostly solved under the deterministic set up. Gradually several scientists have developed different types of(More)
Finding patterns in historical data is an important problem in many domains. In this paper, we concentrate on the problem of estimating the future sales of products using past sales data. We use recurrent neural networks as the tool to predict future sales because of (a) its power to generalize trends and (b) its ability to store relevant information about(More)
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