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It has been established that a suitably designed unpowered mechanical biped may \walk" down an inclined plane all by itself and eventually acquire a stable periodic gait. The characteristics of this periodic gait (e.g., velocity, time period) depend on the geometry of the biped and the slope of the plane. The energy to maintain the periodic motion comes(More)
The current trend in embedded systems design is to move the initial design and exploration phase to a higher level of abstraction, in order to tackle the rapidly increasing complexity of embedded systems. One approach of abstracting software development from the low level platform details is host-compiled simulation. Characteristics of the target platform(More)
The MIL-Spec-based helium fine leak test (test condition A 1 and test condition A 2) is reviewed for its applicability to packages with sub-micro liter cavity volumes. The existing gas conduction models are utilized to investigate the validity of the criteria defined in the test guidelines in terms of true leak rates. The application domains valid under the(More)
Hermeticity is a measure of the " leak-proof ness " of packages with internal cavities and is critical for ensuring proper operation of the devices/circuits enclosed in them. The most widely used hermeticity detection technique in the industry is the helium fine leak test. The exiting conduction based governing equation is examined to investigate the volume(More)
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