Arindam Basu Sarkar

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Curcuminoids of the spice turmeric and their enhanced derivatives have much potential as cancer treatments. They act on a wide variety of biological pathways, including those regulating cell division and circadian rhythms. It is known that circadian clocks can modify cancer therapy effectiveness, according to studies aimed at optimizing treatments based on(More)
A prospective approach was used to synthesize carbohydrate nanocapsules with a macromolecule payload and suitable interfacial properties for in vivo systemic circulation. Spatially directed carbohydrate assembly and polymerization resulted in structured hydrophilic vesicles with diameters of 200-300 nm. Mononucleated dispersions with monodisperse(More)
Dexamethasone, a high-potency synthetic glucocorticoid, is often used to treat various immunological and inflammatory conditions. Commercial preparations of dexamethasone facilitate administration to human patients. Veterinary use of dexamethasone may be complicated by the unavailability of commercial dosage forms. As such, compounded preparations(More)
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