Arinda C M Brinkman

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The international Brain Trauma Foundation guidelines recommend prehospital endotracheal intubation in all patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)< or =8. Close adherence to these guidelines is associated with improved outcome, but not all severely injured TBI patients receive adequate prehospital airway support. Here we(More)
OBJECTIVES Mild therapeutic hypothermia (MTH) is being used to improve neurological outcome and survival in patients successfully resuscitated after cardiac arrest. The impact on coagulation may be difficult to assess since most coagulation parameters are measured at 37°C and not at actual body core temperature. Therefore we investigated the effects of MTH(More)
OBJECTIVES Dilutional coagulopathy as a consequence of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) system priming may also be affected by the composition of the priming solution. The direct effects of distinct priming solutions on fibrinogen, one of the foremost limiting factors during dilutional coagulopathy, have been minimally evaluated. Therefore, the authors(More)
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