Arina Dymova

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The statistical thermodynamics based approach provides a promising framework for construction of the genotype-phenotype map in many biological systems. Among important aspects of a good model connecting the DNA sequence information with that of a molecular phenotype (gene expression) is the selection of regulatory interactions and relevant transcription(More)
It was found that ants significantly affect the physiological activity and functional diversity of soil microbial communities, and redistribution of biophilic elements (C and N) down through the profile occurs in anthills compared to the control soil, as well as their accumulation in the underground part of the ant nests. A high urease activity was revealed(More)
Table S1: PWM for Hb # A C G T 1 0.28286611155278 0.592185569462781 -0.136145867625823 -1.76751293532056 2 0.254213296764319 -0.279058161264544 0.435320237208231 -0.718027195298608 3 -3.04079579883957 0.805679778784623 -0.405565047598881 0.250334015567387 4 1.15434963541116 -2.77466891653729 -1.26870528382949 -2.98624111976211 5 1.18718322170129(More)
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