Arin Minasian

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OBJECTIVE The gene causing familial Mediterranean fever (FMF)-an autosomal recessive disease characterized by recurrent short episodes of fever associated most commonly with peritonitis, pleuritis, and arthritis-has recently been found and several mutations identified. The most severe complication of the disease is amyloidosis, which can lead to renal(More)
OBJECTIVES Fat lipoinjection augmentation for glottic insufficiency has been used in patients with vocal fold paralysis. Relatively little information is available on the effectiveness of fat injection in patients with vocal atrophy, intubation trauma, and post-hemilaryngectomy defects. STUDY DESIGN This paper retrospectively compares the efficiency of(More)
At this writing, a collaborative partnership has been in place for 30 months between the Boston University Medical Center, the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, the Armenian Ministry of Health, and the Emergency Hospital of Yerevan, Armenia, to improve emergency and trauma care in that city. Fifty-five individuals have traveled to and from the(More)
Phonation after partial laryngeal ablative surgery has not often been examined. Videolaryngostroboscopic recordings made after vertical partial laryngectomy (VPL) were retrospectively reviewed and correlated with patient historical and operative factors. Among VPL patients (n = 42), the most common site of vibration during phonation was the contralateral(More)
We consider a single-carrier asynchronous two-way amplify-and-forward relay network, where two single-antenna transceivers exchange information with the help of several single-antenna relay nodes. We assume that the propagation delay of each relaying path, originating from one transceiver, going through a certain relay, and ending at the other transceiver,(More)
In this paper, we examine the problem of throughput maximization in an energy-harvesting two-hop amplify-and-forward relay network. This problem is investigated over a finite time horizon and in an online setting, where the causal knowledge of the harvested energy and that of fading are available. We use Markov decision process (MDP) formulation to present(More)
In the clinic, at preoperative preparation of the patients with cancer of the colon complicated by perifocal inflammation, the irrigation of a tumour area, using antibacterial preparations, is employed. After laparoscopy, a drainage tube with microirrigator for perfusion of the antibacterial solution is introduced to the region of tumour location. Using the(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm to maximize the total throughput in an energy harvesting two-hop amplify and forward (AF) relay network in finite signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regimes. This algorithm is for the off-line case, assuming non-causal knowledge of the energy harvesting profiles of the source and the relay in the network. Furthermore, using(More)
At the clinic of Scientific Research Institute of Proctology, Ministry of Public Health of Armenia, in 97 patients with complicated cancer of the colon and rectum, a two-barrel loop colostomy was created for the recent 10 years. Use of intraperitoneal method contributed to 3-fold decrease in incidence of postoperative purulent complications. Irrigation of a(More)