Arimitsu Yokota

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This work proposes a novel smart image sensor system for depth estimation by searching for the most in-focus position over multi-focus images (a sequence of images taken by changing a camera parameter "focus" little by little). On the smart sensor, in-focus position is detected pixel by pixel and all-in-focus image can be output in real time. A prototype(More)
The paper proposes a new sensing system for depth estimation based on depth-from-focus (DFF). The DFF technique uses a search for the most in-focus position over a sequence of images taken by varying a camera parameter, "focus", little by little; therefore, high spatial and temporal resolution cannot be achieved because of the output bottleneck of the image(More)
This paper proposes a method to estimate earthquake ground motion by analyzing the video taken with a fixed surveillance camera. In recent years, a network of seismometers was constructed to observe the ground motion. However, the spatial density of the seismometers was not high enough to obtain an adequate spatial distribution of the earthquake ground(More)
We propose a smart image sensor for the detection of an in-focus position using multiple focus images. This smart image sensor can generate an all-in-focus image by detecting an in-focus position, pixel by pixel. It can be also applied to the estimation of the distance between the sensor and objects. A prototype of 64/spl times/64 pixels has been(More)
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