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This study examined the electrophysiological correlates of complement coercion. ERPs were measured as participants read and made acceptability judgments about plausible coerced sentences, plausible noncoerced sentences, and highly implausible animacy-violated sentences ("The journalist began/wrote/astonished the article before his coffee break"). Relative(More)
In three experiments, we examined the effects of task on processing verbs and sentence-final nouns in non-violated sentences (.…the boys would eat toast and jam.), animacy violated sentences (...the eggs would eat toast and jam.) and morphosyntactically violated sentences (…the boys would eats toast and jam.). ERPs were recorded as readers self-paced(More)
Many theories predict the presence of interactive effects involving information represented by distinct cognitive processes in speech production. There is considerably less agreement regarding the precise cognitive mechanisms that underlie these interactive effects. For example, are they driven by purely production-internal mechanisms (e.g., Dell, 1986) or(More)
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