Arijit Sengupta

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When describing Web services, one of the obvious aspects that needs representing is Quality of Service” (QoS), the capability of a Web service to meet an acceptable level of service as per factors such as availability and accessibility. However too much of a focus on developing functional QoS ontologies has led to an over-emphasis on representing solely QoS(More)
Because of its success, XML is increasingly used in many different application areas, and is moving towards the center of applications, evolving from an exchange format to the native data format of application components. These developments suggest that similar to other core areas of application design, XML should be designed conceptually before the(More)
The use of pilot studies to evaluate the economic justification of technology projects is common in practice. The pilot studies play even greater role in the projects affecting customer interactions with the product/service offerings since perception and/or reaction of customers is captured and analyzed through such studies. Yet, many times the methodology(More)
The concept of thumbnails is common in image representation. A thumbnail is a highly compressed version of an image that provides a small, yet complete visual representation to the human eye. We propose the adaptation of the concept of thumbnails to the domain of documents, whereby a thumbnail of any document can be generated from its semantic content,(More)
Achieving widespread case-based reasoning support for corporate memories will require the flexibility to integrate implementations with existing organizational resources and infrastructure. Case-based reasoning implementations as currently constructed tend to fall into three categories, characterized by implementation constraints: task-based (task(More)
Being able to express and enforce role-based access control on XML data is a critical component of XML data management. However, given the semi-structured nature of XML, this is non-trivial, as access control can be applied on the values of nodes as well as on the structural relationship between nodes. In this context, we adopt and extend a graph editing(More)
The WWW has a great potential of evolving into a globally distributed digital document library.The primary use of such a library is to retrieve information quickly and easily. Because of the size of these libraries, simple keyword searches often result in too many matches. More complex searches involving boolean expressions are di cult to formulate and(More)
This article presents DSQL, a conservative extension of SQL, as an ad-hoc query language for XML. The development of DSQL follows the theoretical foundations of first order logic, and uses common query semantics already accepted for SQL. DSQL represents a core subset of XQuery that lends well to optimization techniques, while at the same time allows easy(More)