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Maximum reach envelopes for the 5th, 50th and 95th percentile reach lengths of males and females in seated and standing work positions were determined. The use of a computerized potentiometric measurement system permitted functional reach measurement in 15 min for each subject. The measurement system captured reach endpoints in a dynamic mode while the(More)
Oxygen uptake (VO2), heart rate (HR) and myoelectric activity (EMG) were measured while performing a repetitive task in the normal, maximum and extreme workspace reach envelopes. The VO2 and HR increased significantly from the normal to the maximum to the extreme workspace reach envelope. The average increases in VO2 when compared to the normal workspace(More)
A three dimensional (3D) human modeling program has been developed to work in conjunction with computer aided design software, Autocad. The program allows the creation and manipulation of variable size, 3D human models and provides the flexibility of a professional CAD system. The special features of the program and its application in workstation design are(More)
—An experimental study was conducted to determine the effect of music and induced mental load in a word processing task. Eight subjects participated in the study. A 2x2 repeated measure design was implemented, with or without background music and with or without induced mental load. Applied typing force, typing productivity, and electromyography (EMG) of(More)
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