Arijit Dutta

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Oxidized bases in the mammalian genome, which are invariably mutagenic due to their mispairing property, are continuously induced by endogenous reactive oxygen species and more abundantly after oxidative stress. Unlike bulky base adducts induced by UV and other environmental mutagens in the genome that block replicative DNA polymerases, oxidatively damaged(More)
LDPC codes have become the most popular error control code in various fields like telecommunication, magnetic recording etc. due to their high error correcting capability. The Approximate Lower Triangular (ALT) encoding is the most commonly used encoding technique of LDPC codes. This technique though elegant suffers from the shortcoming that when a(More)
It is often said "It is always give and take" and that "there is no such thing as a free lunch". The same would hold true for Low Power designs. The questions oft asked is What are the trade-offs for reduction in power? What would be the limits of power reduction, before it starts impacting other parameters? Designs are generally characterized by four(More)
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