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Most conventional lossless image compression schemes such as GIF and PNG use entropic coding to reduce redundancies that results in adjacent pixels correlation. In such schemes, images are scanned line by line, and so, only horizontal patterns are effectively compressed. The proposed approach attempts to more explore image correlation in different direction(More)
This paper deals with the application of lossless compression algorithms to two-dimensional curves scanned images. An image is scanned along a space filling curve (SFC) so as to exploit inherent coherence in the image. The used SFC is determined by a gradient based method allowing the detection of global pixel’s change direction for each image block. The(More)
In this paper we propose a new loss less image compression method. The suggested method relies on novel selective scan process that aims to scan the image in the direction where minimal pixel intensity change is recorded. Such scan process would reduce high frequency data, in order to provide a smooth and high correlated mono-dimensional signal easy to(More)
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