Arihara Siva Kumar

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Since the introduction of the mouse foot pad technic for the cultivation of M. Zeprae all the results reported to date have been limited to experiments with bacilli obtained from skin biopsy. We have been investigating the viability of bacilli found in bone marrow and liver, especially since the temperature in these organs is known to be at least 2°F(More)
Digit sucking habit is a learned pattern of behavior commonly seen in children of preschool age. Prolonged digit sucking beyond the preschool age, lead to the development of malocclusion such as anterior open bite, maxillary constriction and posterior crossbite. Treatment strategies include interception of habit and correction of the malocclusion. The(More)
From past few decades prosthetics is aiding in improving the life style of the amputees. The major aspect of concern in the existing prosthetic technology is controlling the speed of the prosthetic leg. The stance phase control of prosthetic can be achieved, but it is found to fail at varying speeds. This works concentrates on the pathway to control and(More)
1. K M C H College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 2. C R Reddy College of Pharmacy, Eluru, A.P 3. Nimra College of Pharmacy, Vijayawada, A.P *Corresponding author: Email: Abstract The present study was undertaken to examine anticancer activity of Adenanthera pavonina L stem bark extract on Dalton's ascitic lymphoma (DAL) in(More)
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