Ariful H Siddique

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In this paper, we numerically demonstrate a large negative dispersion with highly birefringent square lattice photonic crystal fiber (SLPCF) in the entire telecom wavelength bands. Finite element method with perfectly matched layer boundary condition is used to evaluate the modal properties of the fiber. Numerical results reveal that it is possible to(More)
This paper presents the proposal of a hybrid cladding photonic crystal fiber offering flat dispersion and low confinement operating in the Telecom bands. Simulation results reveal that near zero ultra flattened dispersion of 0 ± 1.20 ps/( is obtained in a 1.25 to 1.70 μm wavelength range i.e. 450 nm flat band along with low confinement(More)
In this work, we demonstrated the alignment of polystyrene latex microspheres (diameter of 1 ~45 μm), bio-functionalized superparamagnetic beads (diameter 2.8 μm), and live cells (average diameter 1 ~2 μm) using an ultrasonic standing wave (USW) in a PDMS microfluidic channel (330 μm width) attached on a Si substrate for bio-medical applications. To(More)
This paper presents a microstructure optical fiber based on an hexagonal structure for dispersion compensation in a wideband transmission system. According to simulation, negative dispersion coefficient of - 562 ps/( and relative dispersion slope (RDS) close to that of single mode fiber (SMF) of about 0.0036 nm<sup>-1</sup> is obtained at 1550 nm(More)
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