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Software preservation has not had detailed consideration as a research topic or in practical application. In this paper, we present a conceptual framework to capture and organise the main notions of software preservation, which are required for a coherent and comprehensive approach. This framework has three main aspects. Firstly a discussion of what it(More)
Acknowledgements Utmost gratitude to Mr. Shoaib Sufi, the Deputy Group Leader of the CCLRC eScience Data Management group and also the placement supervisor of the project, for his constructive suggestions and comments on different aspects of the project throughout the project period. Many thanks to the head of the CCLRC eScience Data Management group(More)
Service-oriented architecture (SOA), workflow, the Semantic Web, and Grid computing are key enabling information technologies in the development of increasingly sophisticated e-Science infrastructures and application platforms. While the emergence of Cloud computing as a new computing paradigm has provided new directions and opportunities for e-Science(More)
Linked data offers a novel and more flexible means of sharing complex geospatial datasets by breaking away from the traditional domain-specific technologies used for accessing and integrating geospatial data with heterogeneous sources and disparate formats. In 2010, the UK Cabinet Office released a set of draft guidelines for exposing geospatial data as(More)
The effective preservation of both current and historical scientific data will underpin a multitude of ecological, economic and political decisions that shape the future of our society. The SCIDIP-ES project addresses the long-term preservation of the knowledge encoded in scientific data by providing preservation e-infrastructure services which support the(More)
The rapid increase in data volume and data availability along with the need for continual quality assured searching and indexing information of such data requires efficient and effective metadata management strategies. From this perspective, the necessity for adequate, well-managed and high quality Metadata is becoming increasingly essential for successful(More)