Arif Shaon

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Metadata has the proven ability to provide information necessary for successful long-term curation of digital objects. However, without curation metadata itself may deteriorate in terms of its quality and integrity over time. Therefore, a digital curation process needs to incorporate the curation of metadata along with that of data in order to ensure the(More)
Linked data offers a novel and more flexible means of sharing complex geospatial datasets by breaking away from the traditional domain-specific technologies used for accessing and integrating geospatial data with heterogeneous sources and disparate formats. In 2010, the UK Cabinet Office released a set of draft guidelines for exposing geospatial data as(More)
Service-oriented architecture (SOA), workflow, the Semantic Web, and Grid computing are key enabling information technologies in the development of increasingly sophisticated e-Science infrastructures and application platforms. While the emergence of Cloud computing as a new computing paradigm has provided new directions and opportunities for e-Science(More)
The proper preservation of both current and historical scientific data will underpin a multitude of ecological, economic and political decisions in the future of our society. The SCIDIP-ES project addresses the long-term persistent storage, access and management needs of scientific data by providing preservation infrastructure services. Taking exemplars(More)
—Past data management practices in many fields of natural science, including climate research, have focused primarily on the final research output – the research publication – with less attention paid to the chain of intermediate data results and their associated metadata, including provenance. Data were often regarded merely as an adjunct to the(More)
Software is a class of electronic object which is by its very nature digital, and the preservation of software is often a vital prerequisite to the preservation of other electronic objects. However, software has many characteristics that make preserving it substantially more challenging than for many other types of digital object. Software is inherently(More)
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