Arif Muntasa

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Principal component analysis (PCA) and linear descriminant analysis (LDA) are an extraction method based on appearance with the global structure features. The global structure features have a weakness; that is the local structure features can not be characterized. Whereas locality preserving projection (LPP) and orthogonal laplacianfaces (OLF) methods are(More)
There are many cases when crimes happened, the criminals can not be identified. But with the help of the eyewitness reconstruction, the sketchers can make the suspects’ face to help the identification. With this in mind, we propose a new formulation of face sketch multiple features detection. It is conducted by using the Pyramid Parameter Model and(More)
Modality reduction by using the Eigentransform method can not efficiently work, when number of training sets larger than image dimension. While modality reduction by using the first derivative negative followed by feature extraction using Two Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform has limitation, which is feature extraction achieved of face sketch feature is(More)
Pixel based segmentation to detect the Nerve Optic Head (NOH) Pixels in the retinal image is proposed. Five main stages are required in the proposed model. They are image enhancement, binary thresholding, removing non-object pixels, finding Region of Interest, and dilation with mathematical morphology. Image enhancement stage is used to reduce the noise(More)
Three directional of the 1D diagonal fisherface for feature extraction is proposed in this research for the face recognition system. Three directional of the diagonal matrix is built in the proposed method, i.e. the input face image is transformed into a diagonal matrix. Therefore, another form of the input image is created for the feature extraction using(More)
Nowadays, retrieving a person identity using a photograph from the face image database is a crucial job especially in police investigations. Unfortunately in many cases, the photo image of a suspect is not available. Only a face sketch drawing based on the recollection of an eyewitness is available. Usually, there are two kind of face sketches employed in(More)
High dimensional space is the biggest problem when classification process is carried out, because it takes longer time for computation, so that the costs involved are also expensive. In this research, the facial space generated from homogeneous and non-homogeneous polynomial was proposed to extract the facial image features. The homogeneous and(More)
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