Arif Merchant

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Virtualized data centers enable sharing of resources among hosted applications. However, it is difficult to satisfy service-level objectives(SLOs) of applications on shared infrastructure, as application workloads and resource consumption patterns change over time. In this paper, we present AutoControl, a resource control system that automatically adapts to(More)
We propose a new paradigm for building scalable distributed systems. Our approach does not require dealing with message-passing protocols -- a major complication in existing distributed systems. Instead, developers just design and manipulate data structures within our service called Sinfonia. Sinfonia keeps data for applications on a set of memory nodes,(More)
Data centers are often under-utilized due to over-provisioning as well as time-varying resource demands of typical enterprise applications. One approach to increase resource utilization is to consolidate applications in a shared infrastructure using virtualization. Meeting application-level quality of service (QoS) goals becomes a challenge in a(More)
In this paper, we consider a problem of network design of personal communication services (PCS). The problem is to assign cells to the switches of a PCS network in an optimum manner. We consider two types of costs. One is the cost of handoffs between cells. The other is the cost of cabling (or trunking) between a cell site and its associated switch. The(More)
Enterprise-scale storage systems, which can contain hundreds of host computers and storage devices and up to tens of thousands of disks and logical volumes, are difficult to design. The volume of choices that need to be made is massive, and many choices have unforeseen interactions. Storage system design is tedious and complicated to do by hand, usually(More)
High-end storage systems, such as those in large data centers, must service multiple independent workloads. Workloads often require predictable quality of service, despite the fact that they have to compete with other rapidly-changing workloads for access to common storage resources. We present a novel approach to providing performance guarantees in this(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a Federated Array of Bricks (FAB), a distributed disk array that provides the reliability of traditional enterprise arrays with lower cost and better scalability. FAB is built from a collection of <i>bricks</i>, small storage appliances containing commodity disks, CPU, NVRAM, and network(More)
Virtualized servers run a diverse set of virtual machines (VMs), ranging from interactive desktops to test and development environments and even batch workloads. Hypervisors are responsible for multiplexing the underlying hardware resources among VMs while providing desired isolation using various resource management controls. Existing methods [3, 43](More)