Arif Jaya

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Face Recognition is a computerized biometric modality which automatically identifies an individual's face for the purpose of recognition. The ability to recognize human faces can be categorized under two senses, the former is the biometric identification and the later is the visual perception. The biometric identification can be done by obtaining a person's(More)
Recognizing Faces helps to name the various subjects present in the image. This work focuses on labeling faces on an image which includes faces of humans being of various age group (heterogeneous set). Principal component analysis concentrates on finds the mean of the data set and subtracts the mean value from the data set with an intention to normalize(More)
This paper presents the effect of natural aging upon the performance of the poly meric insulat ion materials made fro m Epo xy resins, Polydimethylsilo xane (PDMS), and Rice husk ash compound. The sa mples of epo xy resin insulation material consist of Dig lycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A (DGEBA), Meta Phenylene Diamine (MPDA) as curing agent, and 325 mesh Rice(More)
The hydrophobicity on surface of insulator material in outdoor is very important. In humid and the rainy conditions, the insulator surface must not easily wet, so that the surface conductivity of insulators remain low, thus the surface leakage current is very small. Therefore the polymeric insulator must be hydrophobic and withstand against environmental(More)
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