Arif Jaya

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Enormous evolution of web data creates a peculiar myth in the field of computer and information technology for extracting the meaningful content from the web. Many organizations and social networks use databases for storing information and the data will be fetched from the specified data store. Data can be retrieved or accessed by SQL queries whereas the(More)
  • A Jaya, Mabel Rani, Latha Parthipan, Jothi Swaroopan
  • 2013
Fuzzified optimization based data clustering is one of the important data mining tool which is active research of real world problems. This paper proposed Fuzzified Particle Swarm Optimization and K-Harmonic Means algorithm (FPSO+KHM) for clustering the electrical data systems. The partitioned clustering algorithms are more suitable for clustering large(More)
Recognizing Faces helps to name the various subjects present in the image. This work focuses on labeling faces on an image which includes faces of humans being of various age group (heterogeneous set). Principal component analysis concentrates on finds the mean of the data set and subtracts the mean value from the data set with an intention to normalize(More)
In order to meet increasing power demand, taking into account economical and environmental factors, wind energy conversion is gradually gaining interest as a suitable source of renewable energy. In this paper, The modeling of the Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) with Matrix converter i s p r o p o s e d. The matrix converter, as a power electronic(More)
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