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The DOBES program for the documentation of endangered languages, started in September 2000, has just completed its pilot phase. Eight documentation teams and one archiving team worked out agreements on formats, tools, naming conventions, and encoding, especially the linguistic level of encoding. These standards will form the basis for a five-year main(More)
The East-West Center is an internationally recognized education and research organization established by the US Congress in 1960 to strengthen understanding and relations between the United States and the countries of the Asia Pacific. Through its programs of cooperative study, training, seminars, and research, the Center works to promote a stable, peaceful(More)
Author note: The ppt/rtf formats required here by the American Anthropological Association do not meet sustainability requirements for current best data practices. • What's wrong with Powerpoint? Being dependent on a sole piece of commercial software whose source code is secret is a bad idea because it may be unusable to other researchers: you need to buy(More)
Ambassador Gunnar Jarring and his colleagues' assiduous collections of Central Asian material resulted in a substantial corpus of text manuscripts, as well as dictionaries, lexicons, and annotated translations of some manuscripts. As the manuscripts range from legal documents to poems and descriptions of everyday activities, they reveal details of ordinary(More)