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Phospholipid scramblase activity is involved in the collapse of phospholipid (PL) asymmetry at the plasma membrane leading to externalization of phosphatidylserine. This activity is crucial for initiation of the blood coagulation cascade and for recognition/elimination of apoptotic cells by macrophages. Efforts to identify gene products associated with this(More)
Rabbit and mouse anti-Torpedo acetylcholine receptor antibodies cross-reacted partially with the highly phosphorylated protein, phosvitin. We have selected an anti-Torpedo acetylcholine receptor monoclonal antibody which binds specifically to phosvitin; this binding is inhibited by acetylcholine receptor. These findings suggest that a phosphorylated amino(More)
miRNAs can regulate cellular survival in various cancer cell types. Recent evidence implicates the formation of lipid droplets as a hallmark event during apoptotic cell death response. It is presently unknown whether MIR494, located at 14q32 which is deleted in renal cancers, reduces cell survival in renal cancer cells and if this process is accompanied by(More)
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