Ariella Richman

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The New York state Level-of-Care Survey (LOCS) was used in 1987-88 to assess the community care and social support needs of 936 mentally disabled community residents in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The cases were assigned an appropriate level-of-care by the computerized algorithm based on an 101-item questionnaire covering all aspects of the cases' physical and(More)
This article examines mental disorders treated in Canadian general and psychiatric hospitals from 1971 to 1985-86. Significant changes occurred over the period of study. The analysis is based on hospital discharge data from eight provinces. For several decades, mental disorders have been among the leading causes of hospital use. In 1985-86, mental disorders(More)
From 1972-73 to 1988-89, the number of Canadian psychiatrists doubled. Most psychiatrists are in fee-for-service practice. The median earnings of psychiatrists are close to those of internists. There is lack of psychiatric services available, but not a lack of psychiatrists. The lack of services is due largely to the allocation of psychiatric resources. The(More)