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Central Asian ‘Characteristics’ on China’s New Silk Road: The Role of Landscape and the Politics of Infrastructure
China’s $1 trillion One Belt, One Road (OBOR) infrastructure project has significant landscape, socio-economic, and political implications in recipient countries. To date, investigation has focusedExpand
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Contradictions in Schooling Children among Mongolian Pastoralists
Mongolian pastoralist households with children face an annual decision at the start of the school year—how to take care of both herds and children separated by long distances and resource needs. ThisExpand
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Winters without women: social change, split households and gendered labour in rural Mongolia
Abstract In this article, I use absence as a lens to explore social change and masculinity in rural Mongolia, with a focus on household splitting during winter months. Since the breakdown inExpand
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The Role of Kinship in Negotiating Territorial Rights
This paper explores the role of kinship in herder claims for winter shelter ownership in rural Mongolia, where pastureland is currently designated as state-owned property in the nationalExpand
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Herders and hazards: covariate dzud risk and the cost of risk management strategies in a Mongolian subdistrict
Studies of mobile pastoralist livelihoods have shown that a variety of socio-technical practices have been developed to achieve reliable outputs from livestock in variable arid and semi-aridExpand
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Gobi Herders’ Decision-Making and Risk Management under Changing Climate
Our research examines herder livelihoods strategies in a region of the South Gobi desert that is heavily affected by both formal and informal/illegal mining and is exposed to natural hazards such asExpand
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The New Mongolian State Herder: Examining Invocations and Improvisations of the State in Rural Mongolia
This article aims to advance understandings of contemporary state-making in rural Mongolia, contingent on historical processes rather than a taken-for-granted natural category. Writing onExpand
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Banking Sector Restructuring Program in Kazakhstan – BTA Bank JSC
Bank restructuring and sovereign-debt crises continue to be a heated topic of discussion. Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is, for example, openly challenging the deeply unpopular austerityExpand
Frameworks for conflict mediation in international infrastructure development: A comparative overview and critical appraisal
Abstract While the extractive industries and related infrastructures are highlighted as key to economic development, they often come at a cost. Most projects involve a network of stakeholder parties;Expand
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