Ariel Y. Deutch

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The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the topographical organization of efferent projections from the cytoarchitectonic divisions of the mPFC (the medial precentral, dorsal anterior cingulate and prelimbic cortices). We also sought to determine whether the efferents from different regions within the prelimbic division were organized(More)
Recent data have emphasized the neurochemically distinct nature of subterritories in the accumbens part of the rat ventral striatum termed the core, shell, and rostral pole. In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how afferents are distributed relative to these subterritories, immunohistochemical detection of retrogradely transported(More)
Parkinson disease is a common neurodegenerative disorder that leads to difficulty in effectively translating thought into action. Although it is known that dopaminergic neurons that innervate the striatum die in Parkinson disease, it is not clear how this loss leads to symptoms. Recent work has implicated striatopallidal medium spiny neurons (MSNs) in this(More)
Dopaminergic projections to the forebrain arising from the mesencephalic ventral tegmentum modulate information processing in cortical and limbic sites. The lateral hypothalamus is crucial for the coordination of behavioral responses to interoceptive cues. The presence of a hypothalamic input to the ventral tegmental area has been known for some time, but(More)
Recent studies suggest that subtype-selective activators of M(1)/M(4) muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChRs) may offer a novel approach for the treatment of psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. Previously developed muscarinic agonists have provided clinical data in support of this hypothesis, but failed in clinical(More)
The claustrum is a prominent but ill-defined forebrain structure that has been suggested to integrate multisensory information and perhaps transform percepts into consciousness. The claustrum's shape and vague borders have hampered experimental assessment of its functions. We used matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-imaging mass spectrometry to(More)
The distribution of 5-HT2A receptors in rat cortex was evaluated using newly developed antibodies. Each of three antibodies tested identified an identical pattern of 5-HT2A-like immunoreactivity (5-HT2A-li) in rat cortex with 5-HT2A-li showing a widespread distribution. The majority of 5-HT2A-li cells displayed a pyramidal morphology. While a minority, some(More)
Weight gain is one side effect of many antipsychotic drugs (APDs). A small number of lateral hypothalamic/perifornical area (LH/PFA) neurons express the orexins, peptides that are critically involved in body weight regulation and arousal. We examined the ability of APDs to activate orexin neurons, as reflected by induction of Fos. APDs with significant(More)
The dopaminergic innervation of the prefrontal cortex is able to transsynaptically regulate the activity of subcortical dopamine innervations. Disruption of the prefrontal cortical DA innervation results in the enhanced biochemical responsiveness of the dopamine innervation of the nucleus accumbens. We present recent data indicating that distinct prefrontal(More)