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BACKGROUND Non-infectious uveitis is a potentially sight-threatening ocular disorder caused by chronic inflammation and its complications. Therapeutic success is limited by systemic adverse effects associated with long-term corticosteroid and immunomodulator use if topical medication is not sufficient to control the inflammation. We aimed to assess the(More)
PURPOSE To introduce Hess Lancaster screen test performed with the head tilted as a new ancillary test to help in the diagnosis of bilateral superior oblique (SO) nerve paresis. METHODS Three patients with clinical diagnosis of acquired bilateral fourth nerve paresis, three with clinical diagnosis of acquired unilateral fourth nerve paresis, and three(More)
This case report describes the features of a tuberculous subretinal abscess in a non-HIV patient. It includes the characterization of the lesion with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) and fundus autofluorescence examination. SD-OCT and autofluorescence imaging showed external retinal involvement during development of the tuberculous(More)
UNLABELLED Bilateral Fuchs uveitis associated with vitreous infiltration and posterior segment involvement requires a thorough diagnostic evaluation. The lack of well-defined diagnostic criteria makes identification of this entity difficult. The aim of this case report was to present the characteristics of a patient with atypical Fuchs uveitis and the(More)
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