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On P 3 , we show that mathematical instantons in characteristic two are unobstructed. We produce upper bounds for the dimension of the moduli space of stable rank two bundles on P 3 in characteristic two. In cases where there is a phenomenon of good reduction modulo two, these give similar results in characteristic zero. We also give an example of a(More)
This research represents a novel identification of gender by using different features of fingerprints. Fingerprints are the biometric system provides an automatic recognition of an individual based on some unique features of an individual. Gender classification using fingerprints can be done by using spatial domain approach or frequency domain approach or(More)
In this paper, the Gender through Fingerprints have been determined by using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) method. Finger prints verification is one of the most reliable personal identification method and it plays a very important role in forensic application like criminal investigation. Finger prints has been used as a biometric for the(More)
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