Ariel Peretz

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A process that attempts to solve abbreviation ambiguity is presented. Various context-related features and statistical features have been explored. Almost all features are domain independent and language independent. The application domain is Jewish Law documents written in Hebrew. Such documents are known to be rich in ambiguous abbreviations. Various(More)
In many languages, abbreviations are widely used either in writing or talking. However, abbreviations are likely to be ambiguous. Therefore, there is a need for disambiguation. That is, abbreviations should be expanded correctly. Disambiguation of abbreviations is critical for correct understanding not only for the abbreviations themselves but also for the(More)
Abbreviations are widely used in many languages and disambiguation of abbreviations is critical. In this research, a structured process that attempts to solve the problem of abbreviation ambiguity is presented. Various baseline methods have been explored, including context-related methods and statistical methods. Almost all methods are domain-independent(More)
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