Ariel Peleg

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A new natural anti-alpha-galactosyl IgG antibody (anti-Gal) was found to be present in high titer in the serum of every normal individual studied. The antibody was isolated by affinity chromatography on a melibiose-Sepharose column. The reactivity of the antibody was assessed by its interaction with alpha-galactosyl residues on rabbit erythrocytes (RabRBC).(More)
Pregnane X Receptor (PXR), a master regulator of drug metabolism and inflammation, is abundantly expressed in the gastrointestinal tract. Baicalein and its O-glucuronide baicalin are potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer herbal flavonoids that undergo a complex cycle of interconversion in the liver and gut. We sought to investigate the role these(More)
It is well accepted at present that the majority of antibodies in human serum are produced as a result of natural immunization. However, the information about the nature and specificity of natural IgG antibodies is relatively scarce. The classical natural antibodies against blood group antigens, which display a well-defined anti-carbohydrate specificity,(More)
The title complex, dicarbonyl-3κ(2)C-(μ(3)-3,6-dimethyl-3,6-diaza-octane-1,8-dithiol-ato-1:2:3κ(7)S:S,N,N',S':S,S')(μ(2)-3,6-di-methyl-3,6-diaza-octane-1,8-dithiol-ato-1:2κ(5)S,N,N',S':S)-1,2-diiron(II)-3-nickel(0) [Fe(2)Ni(C(8)H(18)N(2)S(2))(2)(CO)(2)], is the second example showing M(μ-SR)(2)Ni(0)(CO)(2) coordination (M = any metal atom). Both Fe(II) ions(More)
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