Ariel J. Biller

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– To study the electron screening of nuclear reactions in metallic environments, angular distributions and thick target yields of the fusion reactions 2 H(d,p) 3 H and 2 H(d,n) 3 He have been measured on deuterons implanted in three different metal targets (Al, Zr and Ta) for beam energies ranging from 5 to 60 keV. The experimentally determined values of(More)
Metal-organic molecule-semiconductor junctions are controlled not only by the molecular properties, as in metal-organic molecule-metal junctions, but also by effects of the molecular dipole, the dipolar molecule-semiconductor link, and molecule-semiconductor charge transfer, and by the effects of all these on the semiconductor depletion layer (i.e., on the(More)
PARSEC is a massively parallel Density-Functional-Theory (DFT) code. Within the modernization effort towards the new Intel Knights Landing platform, we adapted the main computational kernel, represented as high-order finite-difference stencils, to use hybrid MPI and OpenMP* runtimes. We also employed MPI-3 non-blocking neighborhood collectives for the halo(More)
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