Ariel Hernán Curiale

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Most automated segmentation approaches to the mitral valve and left ventricle in 3-D echocardiography require a manual initialization. In this article, we propose a fully automatic scheme to initialize a multicavity segmentation approach in 3-D transesophageal echocardiography by detecting the left ventricle long axis, the mitral valve and the aortic valve(More)
Thresholding is a direct and simple approach to extract different regions from an image. In its basic formulation, thresholding searches for a global value that maximizes the separation between output classes. The use of a single hard threshold value is precisely the source of important segmentation errors in many scenarios like noisy images or uneven(More)
Cardiac function is of paramount importance for both prognosis and treatment of different pathologies such as mitral regurgitation, ischemia, dyssynchrony and myocarditis. Cardiac behavior is determined by structural and functional features. In both cases, the analysis of medical imaging studies requires to detect and segment the myocardium. Nowadays,(More)
The strain and strain-rate measures are commonly used for the analysis and assessment of regional myocardial function. In echocardiography (EC), the strain analysis became possible using Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI). Unfortunately, this modality shows an important limitation: the angle between the myocardial movement and the ultrasound beam should be small(More)
Functional mitral regurgitation is a cardiac dysfunction that implies abnormal activity of normal leaflets in the context of impaired ventricular function. In echocardiography, it is usually described by geometric features and functional behavior. However, the usual measures do not take into account other mechanical properties such as the deformation of the(More)
Speckle Tracking is one of the most prominent techniques used to estimate the regional movement of the heart based on ultrasound acquisitions. Many different approaches have been proposed, proving their suitability to obtain quantitative and qualitative information regarding myocardial deformation, motion and function assessment. New proposals to improve(More)
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