Ariel E Vera

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Spinal cord injury (SCI) triggers the re-expression of inhibitory molecules present in early stages of development, contributing to prevention of axonal regeneration. Upregulation of EphA receptor tyrosine kinases after injury suggest their involvement in the nervous system's response to damage. However, the expression profile of their ephrinA ligands after(More)
Identification of transcription initiation sites in the promoter region of the tobacco chloroplast rRNA operon has been carried out by ribonuclease protection of in vitro capped RNAs and primer extension experiments. A promoter with typical chloroplast -10 and -35 motifs (P1) drives initiation of transcription from position -116 relative to the mature 16s(More)
A small plastid-encoded RNA (spRNA, 218 nt) has been detected in tobacco. The corresponding locus (sprA) does not contain any open reading frame and is actively transcribed from its own promoter, as shown by ribonuclease protection assays using in vitro capped RNAs. Gel-shift and UV-crosslinking experiments showed the formation of a specific complex between(More)
A new transcription unit has been identified and characterized in the small single-copy region of tobacco chloroplast DNA. A primary transcript (1550 nucleotides) spanning the entire transcription unit contains no significant open reading frames (ORFs), other than ORF55, recently identified as the gene encoding the ribosomal protein CL32 (rpl32). The leader(More)
Multiple transcriptional start sites have been identified in the tobacco plastid ribosomal protein gene rpl32 by RNA mapping and in vitro capping techniques. A promotor with a canonical -10 Pribnow Box (P1) produces a major transcript in leaf chloroplasts. Transcription is also driven from additional promoters in non-photosynthetic plastids from(More)
A primary transcript from the chloroplast rpl32 gene was labelled at its 5' end using a capping enzyme and [alpha-32P]GTP followed by hybridization to a cold RNA probe. A RNase protection assay gave a clear protected band and its initiation site of transcription could thus be estimated, which had not been possible by using DNA probes. The combination of in(More)
Plastid 70S ribosomes were prepared from heterotrophic cultured cells of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum, BY2), and the 5' termini of the 16S rRNA molecules present in the ribosomes were analyzed. RNase protection and primer extension experiments showed that a minor fraction of the 16S rRNA species carries a leader sequence of 30 nucleotides, coinciding with a(More)
Clones including tRNA genes from tomato {Lycopersicon esculentum) chloroplast DNA have been obtained. Here we report the nucleotide sequence of tmH GVA \ trnD f-cv< ^ and tmL (X!AG \ Sequences were determined by the dideoxy method (1). In higher plant chloroplast genomes, tmY and trnD are clustered together with trnE in the large single copy (LSQ region(More)
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