Ariel Cintrón-Arias

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We consider a single outbreak susceptible-infected-recovered (SIR) model and corresponding estimation procedures for the effective reproductive number R(t). We discuss the estimation of the underlying SIR parameters with a generalized least squares (GLS) estimation technique. We do this in the context of appropriate statistical models for the measurement(More)
1 Abstract Relapse, the recurrence of a disorder following a symptomatic remission, is a frequent outcome in substance abuse disorders. Some of our prior results suggested that relapse, in the context of abusive drinking, is likely an " unbeatable " force as long as recovered individuals continue to interact in the environments that lead to and/or reinforce(More)
We present a preliminary first-pass dynamic model for delivery of drug compounds to the lungs and heart. We use a compartmental mass balance approach to develop a system of nonlinear differential equations for mass accumulated in the heart as a result of intravenous injection. We discuss sensitivity analysis as well as methodology for minimizing mass in the(More)
The similarities between drinking behavior and contagion are used to explore — under two types of social structure in the population: homogenous and heterogeneous mixing— the role of nonlinear social interactions on the dynamics of alcohol consumption ; quantifying how some model parameters influence the latter dynamics. A deterministic model, assuming(More)
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