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The Diaspora guys, four college kids turned chief engineers of the most-talked-about social networking start-up this year, get a lot of friend requests. They imagine that during the next decade, the(More)
Have you ever called your cellphone carrier to report poor signal strength? Sure you have. And did that carrier do anything significant to fix the problem? Of course it didn't - unless you live in(More)
  Recombinant activated factor VIIa (FVIIa) is a bypassing agent used to treat bleeding episodes in haemophilia patients with inhibitors to factor VIII (FVIII) and factor IX. The pharmacological(More)
Precision agriculture brings computing's accuracy to the ancient art of cultivation. A new tech-driven trend-some even say revolution-in agriculture is beginning to take hold in Iowa and in many(More)
ONE DAY IN 2003, JOSEPH SCHULMAN FACED A half-dozen or so military officers in a cheerless high-rise office outside the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. He was 68 then, with piercing blue eyes and a(More)
In August of 1961, fabled mathematicians Edward O. Thorp and Claude Shannon, of MIT, walked into a Las Vegas casino. They intended to try their luck at roulette, a game in which players bet on where(More)
If you take the main road east out of Moriarty, N.M., turn south at a sign advertising glider rides, and then swing east again past the sailplanes ornamenting a two-runway airport, you will see(More)