Ariel A. Cohen

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Drugs and drug combinations have complex biological effects on cells and organisms. Little is known about how drugs affect protein dynamics that determine these effects. Here, we use a dynamic proteomics approach to accurately follow 15 protein levels in human cells in response to 13 different drugs. We find that protein dynamics in response to combinations(More)
Processing of external information by mammalian cells often involves seemingly redundant isoforms of signaling molecules and transcription factors. Understanding the functional relevance of coexpressed isoforms that respond to the same signal and control a shared set of genes is still limited. Here we show, using imaging of individual living mammalian(More)
Recent advances allow tracking the levels and locations of a thousand proteins in individual living human cells over time using a library of annotated reporter cell clones (LARC). This library was created by Cohen et al. to study the proteome dynamics of a human lung carcinoma cell-line treated with an anti-cancer drug. Here, we report the Dynamic(More)
Understanding the dynamic relationship between components of a system or pathway at the individual cell level is a current challenge. To address this, we developed an approach that allows simultaneous tracking of several endogenous proteins of choice within individual living human cells. The approach is based on fluorescent tagging of proteins at their(More)
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