Arie Taal

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For data intensive Grid applications, such as shown at iGrid2002, users may require short-lived guaranteed high bandwidth connections. These types of connections, providing a certain Quality of Service (QoS) will need to be authorized and provisioned, often through multiple administrative domains. We present a case study of a Bandwidth on Demand service(More)
This paper presents ongoing research and current results on the development of flexible access control infrastructures for complex resource provisioning in Grid-based collaborative applications and on-demand network services provisioning. We investigate the use of workflow concepts for the required orchestration of multiple Grid resources and/or services(More)
Cloud computing gives users much freedom on where they host their computation and storage. However the CO2 emission of a job depends on the location and the energy efficiency of the data centers where it is run. We developed a decision framework that determines to move computation with accompanying data from a local to a greener remote data center for lower(More)
The EU funded research project SWITCH will develop an interactive and flexible software workbench that will bring significant and substantiated productivity increase from developing, testing, deploying and operating (executing) time critical applications in Cloud. The SWITCH project will be developed by 6 international partners and led by researchers at(More)