Arie L. Liebeskind

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All trans-retinoic acid (RA) enhances alveolarization in neonates and reinitiates alveolarization in emphysematous adult rat lungs, suggesting that RA may stimulate cell proliferation by upregulating growth factor ligand and/or receptor expression either indirectly or directly by acting on RA-responsive genes encoding growth factors. We report that RA and(More)
Anterior dislocation of the cervical spine may be detected reliably in the supine frontal projection by evaluating the cervical spinous processes. A widened interspinous distance (ISD) which measures more than one and one-half times the ISD above and more than one and one-half times the ISD below indicates the presence of an anterior cervical dislocation at(More)
A patient with cervical myelopathy was found to have extensive ossification within the posterior longitudinal ligament. Computed tomography of the spine was of value for precisely defining the degree of narrowing of the spinal canal. The nature of this disease entity is discussed.
Modern lacrimal tract imaging has most recently been enhanced by computerized digital subtraction techniques. Current standard dacryocystography technique includes the injection of a water-soluble agent and the use of topical anesthesia. In this article the dacryocystogram of the normal lacrimal system and those with various types of obstruction are(More)