Arianne Soliven

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The peak capacity of small columns packed with 2.7μm core-shell particles and 1.8μm fully porous particles were compared at high temperatures using very steep (fast) gradient conditions and quite(More)
Phenyl type stationary phases of increasing spacer chain length (phenyl, methyl phenyl, ethyl phenyl, propyl phenyl and butyl phenyl, with 0-4 carbon atoms in the spacer chain, respectively) were(More)
The effects of column length on performance in segmented flow chromatography were tested. Column efficiencies were measured for 4.6mm I.D. 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 cm long columns packed with 3.0 μm(More)
The retention characteristics of phenyl type stationary phases for reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography are still largely unknown. This paper explores the retention process of these(More)