Arianna Vanelli

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Parthenotes have been proposed as a source of embryonic stem cells but they lack the centriole which is inherited through the sperm in all mammalian species, except for rodents. We investigated the centrosome of parthenotes and parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells using parthenogenetic and biparental pig pre-implantation embryos, human and pig(More)
We have introduced fast and eeective k-way partitioning solutions for the two regimes k n and k = (n). Our contributions include a new \partitioning-speciic" net model used in constructing the Laplacian of the netlist, the use of fast Lanczos implementations to compute the d-dimensional geometric embedding eeciently, and a careful choice of geometric(More)
Broadcast and multicast offer a significant improvement of spectrum utilisation, and becomes particularly important where information channels are shared among several users. Furthermore, the evolving electronic based society will more and more take advanced information technology into use involving multicast sessions of one-to-many, many-to-many, and(More)
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