Arianna Valsecchi

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Objective and unbiased validation studies over a significant number of cases are required to get a more solid picture on craniofacial superimposition reliability. It will not be possible to compare the performance of existing and upcoming methods for craniofacial superimposition without a common forensic database available for the research community.(More)
In the next 20 years the number of electric vehicles (EV) will exponentially increase and will reach 40 millions in EU. The energy required for charging EV, usually recovering in private parking places for many hours, will be mainly provided through smart charging boxes (“wall box”) managed by the (smart) grid control system of the LV network.(More)
The synthesis of the new complex [Ru(Tetrazpy)(dcbpy)2]Cl is reported, along with its spectroscopical, electrochemical, and theoretical characterization. The first dye-sensitized solar cell device with this complex has been prepared, leading to a 3% of conversion efficiency, promising data considering the simplicity of the Tetrazpy ligand.
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