Arianna Novaro

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The opportunity to tell a white lie (i.e., a lie that benefits another person) generates a moral conflict between two opposite moral dictates, one pushing towards telling always the truth and the other pushing towards helping others. Here we study how people resolve this moral conflict. What does telling a white lie signal about a person's pro-social(More)
Judgment Aggregation studies how agents take a collective decision on a certain number of issues based on their individual opinions. In recent years, a line of research in Judgment Aggregation investigates how to model this framework within a logical calculus — usually designed ad hoc for this purpose. By contrast, in this thesis we show how it is possible(More)
The focus of this paper is the moral conflict between lying aversion and prosociality. What does telling a white lie signal about a person's prosocial tendencies? How does believing a possibly untruthful message signal about a listener's prosocial tendencies? To answer these questions, we conducted a 2x3 experiment. In the first stage we measured altruistic(More)
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